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Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Interview - My Father

In my previous blog post, I interviewed my mother, asking her a few questions. Some time last week, my dad fetched me from work, so I decided to make use of the city's heavy traffic. I asked him a few questions that I prepared beforehand. So here it goes :

1. What do you think of me blogging? Any comments?
'What am I to say? I don't read every post, just some.' After some nudging, he said, 'Put, okay.' 

2. What is your most memorable moment of me as a child?
'Carrying you to make milk during the nights.' So, let me explain the backstory of this. I used to wake in the middle of night (almost a daily basis routine), wake my father and ask for milk. Acca used to carry me to the kitchen, sit me by the kitchen counter as he mixed me milk, and we'll go back to sleep. Apparently, when I was even younger, I used to throw the milk bottle away if it was my mom who got up instead. :P And yes, milk definitely has been big part of  my life.

3. What is something that Amma does that annoys you?
'She shouts, for nothing sometimes.'

4. What do you like the most about Amma?
'Discipline. She keeps the house very clean, like things to be in order'. The other three in my family are extremely tidy and clean, but I somehow did not inherit the OCD. I'm always the messy one in the Nair household.

5. Where do you see in me in another 10 years?
'As a PETRONAS engineer,' he said.

6. When were you most proud of me?
'During your public exam results days.' My father was the one who chaperoned me to school on every public exam results day. He came to watch me give my speech in school, always advised on my pace and tone. One thing that I'm very grateful. Not many people have the privelege of their fathers being present on big days of their lives (usually it's the mothers). I for once, am lucky considering for having my father be a major part of my childhood.

7. What is your ultimate wish in life?
'To go to Kailasam.' Yes, he's a pious man.

8. What are the three things in life to never do? 
'Being jealous of others, stealing and lying.'

9. What are the top three things you stand for?
'Religion, sports and charity.'

10. What was your biggest struggle as a child?
'To not have good facilities, and support.'

11. What is the best decision you made in life?
'To return home after leaving home for almost a year half, two years.' He left aged 14, returned almost two years later.

12. How much money is enough for you?
'After this, about 1 million would be enough. All will be settled.' 

13. How much education is enough?
'There's no ending for education what.'

14. Amma's cooking, or Mutti's (grandma's)?
'Both.' He says that he misses Mutti's sambar and tenga-paal appam the most,and he thinks that my mother cooks everything tasty.

15. What type of guy do you picture me marrying?
'One with good position (sosio-status) and good character.'

16. How old do you think you look?
'How can I answer that?' After some probing, he replies, 'Matured, maybe?'

17. Have you ever smoked? If yes, when was the last?
*smiles* 'Yes, three years ago.' This was my ultimate Gotcha moment! 

18. What other profession would have chosen, given a chance?
'Teacher.' I honestly thought the answer would've been to be a footballer. Unfortunately, both my sister and I never inherited the sportsman gene. And coming to think of it, Acca would've been a great Geography teacher. He's my walking country/capital/world knowledge encyclopedia.

19. What are your fears, besides amusement park rides?
'Water games.' My father used to happily get my sister and I on rides, and watch us. It was years later that I discovered that my first hero get shaky knees even on a Ferris wheel ride. 

20. What makes you lose your temper with me?
'That you don't immediately do things when told. You delay.' No argument here, yes I do.

21. What's your secret in building so many friendships?
'I like to keep in touch with people, just that.' One thing I do awe about my father is that he still keeps in touch with many people. We always bump into people who knows him in the most unlikely place. He stills calls his primary school teacher, that's pretty commendable don't you think? I definitely lack this quality, that sometimes I'm ashamed of myself. :/

22. Is it weird that I'm an adult now?
*nods* 'Yes.' Sometimes it really is. And the shameful part is, I really don't want my father to ever stop calling me Baby. :P 

That's the end of it. It feels good to have done this with Acca. I recently felt a little drifted away from my father (as compared to old times). This little session made me feel back on track. :) One things I came to realize is that, as we grow up, sometimes our beliefs change, or we broaden horizons. That could bring to disagreements or disapproval of both child and parent. What matters is to be able to tolerate on all that and stay happy. :) 
Major throwback picture for the write up :)

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